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How to Make a Referral to HAVEN

If you are concerned about yourself or a colleague, call HAVEN at 860 828-3175.

At the time of the first contact, it is helpful to be able to provide some of the following information:

  • The name, address, and telephone number of the professional
  • The nature of the concern
  • Any history and factors related to the concern
  • Any previous services or treatment received
  • Documentation of any complaints that may have initiated the contact

You will also be asked about:

  • Any felony charges or convictions
  • Past or pending licensure disciplinary actions
  • Allegations of patient harm.

In the event that any of the above are identified, HAVEN is required to work with the State of Connecticut Department of Public Health for a determination of eligibility to participate in this confidential program. If you are concerned that you or your colleague may not be eligible, please call HAVEN at 860 828-3175 and ask to make an inquiry to Maureen Dinnan.

When you refer an individual to HAVEN, please plan to consider:

  • Any time constraints or parameters related to the referral
  • Your own plan of action and expectations (if the referral is being made by an employer, a physician health committee, hospital, or by another facility or entity).
  • A release of information in order for HAVEN to confirm contact and involvement with HAVEN.

When you are asking a professional to self refer to HAVEN, please consider:

  • Explaining HAVEN's mission and emphasize confidentiality and peer support
  • Stressing that HAVEN focuses on wellness and problems that may potentially affect the ability to practice and work safely
  • Providing information on how to contact HAVEN to make an appointment to determine a Plan for Support
  • Noting that HAVEN does not provide medical or health care and an independent evaluation or assessment will most likely be recommended by HAVEN
  • Informing the professional that a release of information would need to be signed for you to confirm his or her involvement at HAVEN and that he or she is expected to request a release at the first meeting with HAVEN

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