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Our Mission

Our Mission

The primary mission is to enhance patient safety by supporting the health and wellbeing of our Connecticut health professionals. HAVEN accomplishes its mission through (1) education and prevention, (2) early identification and intervention, (3) referral for evaluation and treatment, and (4) support and monitoring. HAVEN does not engage in the practice of medicine or mental health care.

Our History

Public Act 07-103, signed by Governor Jodi M. Rell on June 12, 2007, enables the establishment of a confidential assistance program for health care professionals licensed by the State of Connecticut Department of Public Health and suffering from physical or mental illness, emotional disorder or chemical dependency. Following the passage of this important legislation, the Connecticut Academy of Physician Assistants, the Connecticut Nurses' Association, the Connecticut State Dental Association, the Connecticut State Medical Society and the Connecticut Veterinary Medicine Association, as a coalition of health care professionals, created the Health Assistance InterVention Education Network for Connecticut Health Professionals (HAVEN). This initiative represents a model in our state and the country for the teamwork so essential in today's health care environment.